Friday, April 27, 2012


When I was growing up, my father always kept dream catchers around the house. I had this one that hung above my bed, and I would go to sleep every night hoping that it would catch all my nightmares so I'd never have to see them. Recently, I have been seeing them more and more on blogs and in retail, so I thought it would be a fun project to DIY! Here's some inspiration. 

For this project, I found everything I used at AC Moore. Their selection wasn't all the great, so order some awesome beads and feathers offline if you have time.  
You will need:
1. Glue Gun
2. Suede Lacing
3. Needlepoint Hoop
4. Feathers
5. Beads
6. Embroidery thread

Wrap the embroidery hoop in any color thread of your choice, securing ends with glue.

Using the embroidery thread, tie a loop around what will be the top of the dreamcatcher so that it can be easily hung.

The next step is creating the web inside the hoop. I found some great instructions on how to do this,  here
It's a lot easier than it looks, and I secured it in the end by tying the string around a bead.

Take your suede lacing and loop three doubled pieces of string around the frame at an equal distance. 
I made the middle one shorter.

Some feathers may come with a hoop in the end for easy attachment, however, a glue gun works great to glue the suede and feathers together.
Add beads in any way you'd like before finishing with the feathers.
 Tip: Be careful to buy beads with larger holes if you are threading the suede lacing through them.


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  1. definitely going to give this a try....looks fab! thanks very much for sharing